Why you’re a winner

No matter who you are and how “good” your life is on the outside depression can get you. This huge creepy monster is here to stay. It is whispering. It’s telling you to lie down. Why should you get up anyway? It’s telling you to stop trying. You can’t do it anyway. Now it’s screaming. Pain. Pain is the solution. And now you yell back. Or maybe you whisper. No… Still you’re fighting. You get out of bed no matter what it says. You push harder because you can do it. You take a hot bath. You take care of yourself. And every little thing that you do to take care of yourself is a stab to the chest of that ruthless monster. You weaken it enough so that someday you won’t be able to hear its screams…

35 thoughts on “Why you’re a winner”

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  2. It’s a constant battle. One that for some, will never end. Like a shadow that’s always around. But we do what we can. We survive. 🙂

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    1. With constant fight comes strength. One day you will be so strong that every fight will seem like a piece of cake! Have faith in yourself! 😊


      1. Aww well thank you lovely, but you are very sweet as well!! 😉💗


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