My first makeup bag 

Buying makeup can be so overwhelming. And if your a total beginner things can get ugly! So I hope to give you some ideas to create a whole makeup bag that can take you from day to night with easily applicable products! 


General rule: When buying makeup for the first time stick to cheaper products until you find what you like and works best for you. 



If you have a pretty clear face a BB cream is a must! If not go for a foundation with more coverage. I did not include a concealer and a primer because to me they don’t make a huge difference and you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by a huge amount of products.

What I suggest

  • Garnier BB cream according to your skin type
  • Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation
  • Maybelline Super stay better skin powder


For cheeks the Estée Lauder signature powder blush no 19 is great because you can use it as a blush as well as a light bronzer. 



For eye shadow stick to not as pigmented neutrals. The outcome will not be as strong but it will be extremely difficult to mess it up!

What I suggest: 

  •  Maybellne The Nudes pallete


Sticking to the same vibe go for a felt tip eyeliner as it is more easily applied! For a bolder look you can go over it with a liquid eyeliner.

What I suggest:

  • Sephora felt tip eyeliner, classic line 
  • Seventeen mascara X-TRAOIRDINAIRE, black 01
  • Maybelline mascara Lash sensational

Lips:  Rules always have exceptions! I would definitely splurge on a red lipstick because it’s a classic! Lastly a makeup bag is not complete without an everyday nude lipstick.

What I suggest:

  • Yves Saint Laurent rouge pur couture 35
  • Rimmel by Kate Moss 01
  • Koress guava 13 natural pink   

What was your first makeup product? Let me know in the comments below!

    109 thoughts on “My first makeup bag ”

      1. It’s not so pigmented so if you want something more than just a hint of color in your eyes you should look for something else. Not the best formula for someone who is more into makeup!

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    1. I can remember my Auntie giving me a Maybelline blush – I still love it no even though its like 5/6 years old! I reccomend the I heart makeup chocolate bar palette for beginners (well anyone actually) I find it to be much better quality then any other drugstore brand!


    2. Thanks so much! I know zero about makeup and sometimes consider wearing a tiny bit, but as soon as I walk into a store there are so many different products that I get overwhelmed, make a U-turn and head for the nearest smoothie place lol 🙂

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      1. Well I would suggest finding a cheaper brand like Maybelline or Elf. I think cheap brands are a hit or miss but since you are new and obviously have no idea what you like it’s better to pay 5 dollars and find out the product isn’t for you than paying 50 to keep it in a drawer. So just go to a cheap brand in store and ask for the people there to suggest some products for you to start your makeup journey. Usually there are really helpful. Keep in mind that their main focus is to sell but that doesn’t mean they give bad advice. Lastly, you could set a budget because with so much choices and a person over your head urging you to buy you can easily go overboard. Hope I could help a tiny bit.

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        1. Thanks so much for the advice! I’ll keep it in mind the next time I walk into the store ❤


    3. Reblogged this on PrincessBlabbermouth'sBlog and commented:
      Wow! Seriously, I have always thought about wearing a little makeup but I feel that there are so many products that it’s too much effort to even try. I applaud all the beauty bloggers and vloggers out there because so many people think it’s easy when it’s HARD WORK. This post made my day!

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    4. I definitely believe that when you’re first starting out, cheaper is better! I also agree with that there are exceptions – though mine is for foundation. I personally am fine with the drugstore foundation game on my face, but I know that their shade ranges are generally pretty limited and color matching is hard!

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      1. Definitely most brands carry limited colors that are not for every skin type and some people are feeling left out unfortunately. But also I think that as time passes more and more companies are realizing that and hopefully sometime in the future most brands will be targeting more than one skin color. Thanks for your comment. I do have a fairly “mainstream” skin color so I didn’t realize the struggle some people go through.

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    5. It would have been back in about 1984 and was a Rimmel quad (blue, sparkly blue, green and sparkly green) and a lemon flavoured Rimmel rollerball lipgloss. Rimmel was THE Brand for teenaged girls back in the ’80s as it was so affordable.

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    6. Thanks for the heads up about the Maybelline eyeshadow palette. I’ve looked at it a few times – now that I know it’s not very pigmented I’ll skip it. Cheers for saving me some money. 😊

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