3 Tips to Manage Your Life as a Student 

Hello, beautiful readers!

As a student, we juggle a lot. We manage classes, homework, socializing, employment and more. I often ask myself: How can I better manage my life? I use the methods below to help manage my life. 

1. Use a Planner

I began using a planner faithfully this year. I’d be lost without it. I use this paper planner daily. It is a staple for many students like me. 

A planner is a valuable tool to schedule everything important in your life. Information I include in my planner:

  • Due dates for assignments/tests
  • Birthdays of family and friends
  • Medical appointments 
  • Bill payment reminders

2. Make time for the people and things you love

I incorporate this into my self-care routine. You’ll be happier (and healthier!) when you devote time and energy into tasks you enjoy. Find 1-2 things you love doing + 1-2 people to make a top priority. This helps you focus your time and energy.

3. Outline, outline, outline

The biggest organization tool I use is the Monthly View in my planner. When each semester begins, I go through my class syllabus and record due dates. I outline my semester to give myself a broad view of tasks to accomplish each month. 

How do you manage your life as a student? 

12 thoughts on “3 Tips to Manage Your Life as a Student 

  1. futurenurseanna

    I manage my life with a planner as well! I could not survive without it!


  2. maddyloveslife

    Great tips, I’d be such a mess without my planner!🙈


  3. […] via 3 Tips to Manage Your Life as a Student  — My life book […]


  4. 1003

    I am actually starting college soon, so right now I am just binge reading (if that’s a think lol) college blog posts. I will definitely take on board your tips. Thank you for taking the time to type these tips up.

    Lena x


  5. I just made a similar post, although mine is more broadly about how I will find peace amongst all the craziness that is college! Spending time with friends is so important! My worst college semester was when I was working and going to school full-time! I was always too tired to hang with friends (I thought) and felt horribly lonely and depressed without them! Now I know that scheduling even a little time to hang out is so important to your mental and emotional health!


  6. Girl, you are wise before your time! I didn’t learn to apply #1 until I started my clinicals many moons ago. I watched one of my classmates write all the dates from each class syllabus into her weekly planner during the first day of classes. She carried a three hole punch in her backpack and would punch the handouts and neatly organize them in a three ring binder WITH page dividers. She even labeled each divider with the tiny tabs. I was fascinated! I went from the person who always asked when the tests were to the one who knew everything! Being organized is the key to success!


    1. And do some type of exercise every day even if it’s walking! It will help you keep your sanity!


  7. 97

    I definitely agree that planners are so crucial! I love to decorate mine with brush lettering and stickers just to make it fun!


  8. I’d love to see how you space out your planner and such!! So glad I stubbled across your blog xx


  9. I love this post, it’s so useful as I’m about to go to sixth form


  10. Such essential points, good post!! .X.


  11. I use a planner even though I graduated college in 2012 😄 Still a great way to plan once you get to corporate, and even more so, if you start your own business.

    Thanks for sharing!

    – Alexis Chateau


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