4 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hello, beautiful readers!

How many of you spend a lot of time and energy getting ready each morning? With a few simple tricks, it is easy to minimize the time and effort it takes to complete your morning routine each day.

1. Make your eyeliner symmetrical every time by marking the end of the line with a dot 

Once you figure out where you want the dot, draw a small line from the dot inward to to connect it to the liner at your lash line. This trick ensures your liner is crisp and straight every time. Alternatively, you can place a piece of tape along the desired line and trace your liner along it.

2. Mix together foundation and moisturizer 

This tip combines the steps of applying moisturizer and foundation into one. This also helps you adjust the foundation tint to your skin. The moisturizer will also add extra moisture to the foundation, giving your skin a dewy finish.

3. Use baby powder in your hair to absorb excess oil 

No time to shower in the morning? Adding a small amount of baby powder to your roots and combing it through your ends absorbs excess oil from your scalp. I use this trick often when I sleep past my alarm.

4. Combine eyeliner and mascara 

I use this tip often when I do not have eyeliner nearby. I substitute it with mascara instead. Dip a thin brush into your mascara tube and apply along your top lash line. This creates the effect of eyeliner.

Do you use any beauty hacks to save time? 


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Erin Angela

24 year old beauty and lifestyle blogger. I write to share knowledge gained throughout my life, a glimpse at my favourite beauty products, and tips on anything from makeup application to organization. You can find me online @erin_angela_xo (Instagram) and @ErinAngela_xo (Twitter).

20 thoughts on “4 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know”

  1. Love the eyeliner hack since I struggle with my cat eye symmetry. Also, I use dry shampoo the same way as baby powder. As a woman of color Zumba enthusiast who dances 4-5 times a week, I can’t wash every day or my hair would be stripped of natural oil. Batiste makes a great affordable one. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great tips, I also use dry shampoo, natural redhead with long hair that dries out, so dry shampoo works great. Learned about it from my daughter who is a college student. πŸ˜€ I’ll have to try mixing my foundation and moisturizer.


  3. Yes! I use a coco powder as a dry shampoo! I’ve got brown, fine hair and it works really well! Plus – your hair ends up smelling like chocolate!! Apparently you can mix coco powder with baking soda.. but I haven’t tried that yet.


  4. you have such an amazing blog!! I’ve been going around asking for help from other bigger better blogs like mine. could you please check out mine?!? its called classy-darling-chic.


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