Midweek Motivation

Hey everyone! β™₯

I hope you guys have a great week so far. Today is Wednesday (for most of us) and it is the middle of the week, the weekend still seems so far away and you might be feeling like this week just won’t come to an end and it may be causing you to lose your motivation. There are many different factors that could be causing the fire burning inside of you to slowly fade away.

Whether work, school or college is taking its toll on you or you struggle to keep up with your workout routine and healthy habits or you just have zero motivation left for ANYTHING. So, I thought choosing a few motivational and inspirational quotes and words to share with you guys in the middle of the week, because this is the time most of us starts to get unmotivated, would be a good idea and will hopefully get you guys back on track and full of fire again!

W O R K / S C H O O L / C O L L E G E

No matter if you’re in school, college or already have a job, it is always important to remember your career goals and dreams and how you’re gonna achieve them and having a few motivational words will remind you of them:


E X E R C I S E / H E A L T H Y  H A B I T S

You might have created a monthly workout routine and healthy habits program for yourself or you’re busy with a Kayla Itsines BBG program AND then all of a sudden you just lose your motivation to continue and you’re like, what the heck…? And that’s when you start making excuses like “I will just workout double tomorrow” or “one chocolate bar and Coca Cola won’t hurt”. Yeahh…unless you have very good self-control skills and you will actually stick to “just this one time” and continue with your healthy lifestyle the next day, then sure why not, but if you know that these excuses will continue on to the next day and the next and the next then STOP and read these words first to gain back your determination to get that summer bod or even better – a spring, summer, fall/autumn, winter bod:



W H E N   Y O U ‘ R E   F E E L I N G   A   B I T   D O W N

We all have our bad days and that’s totally okay, but make sure to pull yourself back up and show the world what you’re made of:


S O M E  M O R E  Q U O T E S


I really hope that these words of motivation and inspiration helps every one of you reading this. I got all of these pretty quote images from Pinterest. I have a board on there named “motivational quotes” if you are seeking some more word porn. (you can find the link to my Pinterest account on my blog page)

Remember peeps, for some a simple quote will be enough to get them started again, but some of us require a bit more motivation than just a quote. Go figure out what it is that is making you feel unmotivated and try to solve it – you got this!

Till next time πŸ™‚

– Blissful Boho



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98 thoughts on “Midweek Motivation”

  1. Smart people try to a productive!!…..but actually i am still unemployed, basically most company find a productive person to run their company.couple times i had reject by these cmpany….i hope i can change my personality and do more better for next iv

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  2. Lovely quotes. I was just feeling down about a few things and a few of them really you know made me pull my socks up and gave me a boost of energy to start afresh! Thank you!

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  3. I have been thinking about it. What happens to those who do not know how to get motivated? Is motivation/inspiration related to willpower? Can we say that if you can build your will power muscle, then and only then you will be able to stay motivated even on days you do not feel like getting out of your bed?

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    1. Good question. I believe that motivation is all just a mindset thing. If you’re a negative person then becoming motivated would be more difficult and you’ll struggle. The mind believes everything you tell it so feed it positivity and motivation would come easier. The mind is a powerful thing. πŸ™‚

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  4. OUTSTANDING! Inspiration is one thing and you can’t control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving. Good luck means, work hard. Keep up the good work. Couldn’t have done it better myself.

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  5. As a college student, it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated and persevere. This posts reminds me why I should. I also blog about motivation and success frequently. I’d really love it if you took a look and provided some feedback or hopefully event guest posted one of my posts. If not, I understand. Great post! πŸ™‚

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  6. Dear Jacolne, this is a lovely message over here. Its always great to see another wordpress blogger, making a difference in someone’s life, ie motivating others to be a better version of themselves. Thank you for sharing such a lovely message. Likewise over here, i write similar topics to you, if you could kindly drop by and look at my work. I would greatly appreciated it, otherwise keep up the good work here :).

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