3 Ways to Use a Planner

Hello, beautiful readers!

I use a planner faithfully while in college or working. It tracks my due dates, appointments and other important reminders. Here are four of my favourite tips to help you use a planner too!

1. Use one planner, if possible 

It can be difficult to maintain both a personal planner and school-based planner. Find a planner you can use for both personal and business/school. This will keep your due-dates and other tasks organized. 

2. Check your planner often 

It is important to check your planner daily. Doing so will ensure you know the tasks/reminders you must complete each day. Keep your planner in a spot that is highly visible. I keep mine in my purse, for example. 

3. Set aside time each week to organize your planner 

Set aside time to review your planner each week. Ensure this time period is uninterrupted to maintai concentratio while you review. 

Do you use a planner?


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Erin Angela

24 year old beauty and lifestyle blogger. I write to share knowledge gained throughout my life, a glimpse at my favourite beauty products, and tips on anything from makeup application to organization. You can find me online @erin_angela_xo (Instagram) and @ErinAngela_xo (Twitter).

18 thoughts on “3 Ways to Use a Planner”

  1. Hey there. Fantastic post!
    I’m currently using a Filofax, but… I am considering changing to a new planner for next year.
    I literally live out of my planner. Without it, I feel lost.
    – Hannah

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  2. I suck at planning, every year the company I work for distributes planners. Actually using the planner is a new year resolution that I always break. I know it’s usefulness but it always ends up as a paper weight on my desk, or a fly swatter, a prop for something else, but never used as a planner… *facepalm*

    Great tips btw…

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  3. Love having a planner! But have messed up one of the steps with a separate diary for work and the test of life, need to somehow combine but while online makes sense for work I cant bear the thought of saying goodbye to my physical diary!

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  4. I could not live without my planner. I love the ones where you can rearrange the pages if you wish or add new ones. Levenger makes a pricey one called Circa. It’s beautiful and has many variations. Staples has one that I can afford called Arc. So I usually drool over the Circa catalogue, then head to the big box store to actually buy. Both have many styles of pages like for calendar/appointments, notes, plastic sleeves to keep smaller pieces of paper, addresses, and expenses. They come in at least 2 sizes.

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  5. Planner lover here too) tried so many things!
    Currentry waiting for PlumPaper to arrive)

    What palnner do you have?


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