Building Better Mental Health: 3 Strategies to Boost Your Mood and Build Resilience

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Your mental health influences how you think, feel, and act daily. It also influences your ability to cope with stressors, handle your emotions, and manage your feelings. Anyone can struggle with their mental health but there are ways to elevate your mood and enjoy the little things in life. Here are 3 strategies to help you accomplish this:

1. Prioritize socialization 

Face-to-face interaction with friends and loved ones is stress-busting and mood-boosting. Find someone in your life who is a good listener to share your thoughts and feelings. A good listener will validate your feelings and won’t judge, criticize, or interrupt you.

Tips for connecting with others:

  • Call a friend or loved one and arrange to meet up
  • Spend some time disconnected – step away from your computer/phone screen for a little while to nurture your real-life relationships
  • Don’t be afraid to make new connections

2. Learn how to manage your stress 

Stress takes a heavy toll on your mental and emotional health. (As I type this, I’m glancing anxiously at my never-ending calendar of due dates.) It is important to keep stress under control to stay healthy.

Stress-management tips:

  • Make leisure time a priority
  • Take up a relaxing hobby (For example: Journaling, jogging, meditation)
  • Talk to a friendly face

3. Don’t skimp on sleep 

Getting enough sleep each night is critical for your health. Skimping on even a few hours per night can take a toll on your energy, emotions, and ability to handle stress. Adults should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Tips for getting better sleep:

  • Calm the mind and prepare the body for sleep by taking a bath, listening to soft music, or lighting your favourite scented candle
  • Stick to a regular sleep-wake cycle to help set your body’s internal clock
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool, and quiet

What strategies do you use to boost your mental health and wellness? 


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12 thoughts on “Building Better Mental Health: 3 Strategies to Boost Your Mood and Build Resilience”

  1. Nice post – I would like to offer a different take on your number one point. Talking to others or Socializing for some is worse than any mental health struggle. I have a form of PTSD brought on by heavy stress from the work I do, and being in some social settings brings on anxiety that is way worse than any stress. Sometimes it’s not as bad and sometimes it’s crippling and all I want to do is go home. It’s not social anxiety for me, it’s more to do with space, noise, sensory overload from all the people around in bigger rooms. One on one is not too bad if it’s the right person.

    I do agree with your other points, in particular sleep. Before I sought help I was barely sleeping four hours a night. Once I started dealing with the symptoms my sleep improved and my overall health improved.

    Thanks for sharing your tips.

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  2. Great advice! I’d disagree on the first one. You have to be an extrovert to find joy in talking to people, even close ones. Sometimes it’s just about sharing with or talking to someone who won’t judge (a person on the train, a stranger in chat room, etc).


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