3 Easy Ways to Blog More Consistently

Hello, beautiful readers!

How long has it been since you hit ‘Publish’ on a new post? Life is busy, and your blogging habits can slip aside. If you’re thinking of reinventing your blog schedule or habits, check out these tips to help you get started:

1. Decide on a realistic publishing schedule

Some bloggers post daily, others post 2-3 times per week. Find a schedule that suits you, and keep in mind that you shouldn’t feel pressured to post each day. What matters is sticking to the schedule you set, and posting consistently based on that schedule.

2. Dedicate set times to work on your blog

Routines make life easier. Establishing a routine is a great way to build good habits and increase your efficiency. Setting up a dedicated time to write new content will increase your consistency. For example, you could dedicate a few hours each Saturday to blog, or write a new post each day on your lunch break.

3. Reward yourself for your consistency

Accomplishing a task feels great! Rewards act as a motivator, so plan a reward for yourself once you write a post. It’s not only more motivating to get work done, but integrating a reward makes it satisfying.

What are your top tips to blog consistently?

26 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Blog More Consistently

  1. Syd

    I totally needed this… I am taking forever on a single post! I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks, because I’ve been so busy. Great post! 🙂

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  2. I am new and I haven’t discovered yet but I guess starting with a realistic 1 post a week may help.

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  3. Thank you for these tips! It’s so hard to stick to a blogging routine with my busy schedule, but I have been trying to figure out when a good time would be to sit down and focus on my blog. Sometimes I just need to be reminded of these simple tips.:) Thanks again!

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  4. Strangely enough, I got into a habit of posting on Tuesdays and Fridays this month! I didn’t mean to, but it’s been working for me so far (: idk if I’ll keep up with it, but if I miss a day or post on an off day- I won’t mind and I’m sure my readers won’t even notice haha

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  5. I tried posting everyday but it was overwhelming, especially some I’m a full time student so picking a more manageable publishing schedule of twice a week has really helped. Thanks for the tips!

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  6. Great tips Erin 🙂

    Thank you

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  7. I always write what tasks I have to complete on my daily planner stuck to my fridge! That way my housemate can check I have actually done what I need to do each week!!!

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  8. Such a wonderful post! I really do think that establishing a routine is super helpful and gives you much needed structure. Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

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  9. Nachi

    I feel that if you are unable to post for a period of time(for personal or other reasons) you should inform your readers so they don’t think you procrastinate posting. Communication is key

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  10. I usually wake up and post something before I go to class or if I have an earlier class I will blog after I am back home. And if I am not swamped with homework throughout the week I will post at least twice a day! 🙂

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  11. this is very useful! i used to have habits but now i am trying to change them up a bit😊

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  12. Definitely the essential tips for blogging to a schedule! Finding a couple of hours a week is the best way to ensure you get into the swing of publishing on a schedule.

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  13. Love this. It’s very helpful, right now I don’t have a schedule, I write everyday and always save a draft with a title immediately after I get an idea and check on it by the end of the day to publish it in the morning, but working towards a set schedule that suits my individual needs definitely seems a lot more efficient in not only my blog posts but my site in general as well.

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  14. As usual your a great encourager. Thank you!!!

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  15. These are really good tips!! I was curious how long have you been blogging for and what aside from consistency has helped you grow your blog? Also what plan are you on? Sorry I’m just curious because no one really ever answers and I really enjoy your blog!

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  16. Thanks Erin. Those are some really useful tips! 😀

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  17. Such good tips- I am trying to get in a much better routine and blog on Tuesdays and Fridays! xx


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  18. Great tips! 😃 The quality of a blog matters a lot, especially if a blog is to eventually rank in search engines for SEO. Crappy quality blogs won’t help a person in the long run and they’ll be disappointed spending all that time and energy to not get their desired goal in the end: More happy readers! 🙌🏽

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  19. Diana

    Thanks Erin, very good tips! I’m still fairly new. I agree having a schedule may help with blog issues.

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  20. superb dear….I recently just started blogging, so i’ll be sticking to a schedule. Thanks very helpful.

    Please guys you can check out my site & leave your thoughts & ideas as well….thanks❤❤❤


  21. This is very helpful! I’m also pretty new to blogging and it is a lot to bring into my routine but a schedule will help A LOT!


  22. Good advice! So many ideas running through the head but quite tricky to fit the writing in! It’s a bit like exercise… you have to make time and stick to a schedule… you know the minute you start that first sentence you’ll be smiling!


  23. Great advice! I put a little reminder on my phone that tells me when to write my blogs and when I should have them published by!


  24. Good stuff Erin. Realistic goals, dedication, and celebrating your achievements are important components of our continuing blogging journey. Blessings.


  25. Thanks for sharing.
    It can be so difficult to find time to blog.
    Scheduling makes it so much easier.
    Kelle – http://www.itskellesspace.com


  26. thesatinscar

    hello here is the link to my blog would appreciate your kind views about my blog.. thankyou


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