College survival guide!

I recently started college, this being my second semester. My first few weeks I kept thinking how great it was that I had friends there who let me in on all the secrets and made my time so much easier. Consequently, this post is for all of you that don’t have friends in college or you’re just afraid to ask for advice.

  • Socialize

Your first days you might feel like sitting in a corner not making eye contact with anyone. Don’t. Say hi. You are in the same school you do have things in common. It’s way easier to start a conversation!

  • Keep contacts

Getting a name isn’t enough. Facebook,twitter,phone,mail etc. Always ask for contact information. When you’ll miss class and are in desperate need of notes you’ll be greatfull you kept their numbers.

  • Utilize your agenda 

Whether it’s digital or not use your agenda for everything. Homework, meetings, parties. In college a ton of things are going on. You don’t want to miss out because you simply forgot.

  • Love your teachers

Ask questions,participate, go to their office. Even if you don’t actually need help. This interaction will help them remember you and make them more keen to give you a good grade.

  • Be yourself 

As opposed to school college has more diversity. Ages, nationalities, beliefs. There are so many different people in college. This means that diversity is also more easily accepted. So if you wanted to do something but were afraid of judgement college is a great place to do it.

So that’s it for now. Let’s help each other out!Do you have any advice you could give me about surviving college? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Great tips! As a senior in university, I can absolutely confirm that this advice will lead to an easier and more successful college experience. Best of luck!

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  2. I would say get involved with organizations and causes that give you a sense of community while there. Expand your friends base to people you wouldn’t have hung out with in high school. Find older adult students to gain life wisdom and friendship.

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  3. Great Advice!! I have a younger sister who just started college and I told her each of these things. Don’t forget to make memories!!!! These are the best years of your life!

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  4. Thank you so much for your interest! Advice for college? Hmmm, first I agree with all the advice that’s been given. It’s really good~! The only thing I can think to add is to be sure to find some space that you can call your own. A place you can go to without being bothered. A study carrel in the library, a booth in a coffee shop, The shady spot in the student parking lot…. Just have somewhere to go when you need it. Now here’s a story. I’m a retired prof so I got plenty of. student stories! 🙂
    One day I was walking to my class and I met a former student, beautiful young woman. She had not graduated on time and had gotten back in school. It was tough. She was divorced, three kids, a job and back in school. I asked her, what happened. Why hadn’t she finished her degree three years back. She smiled and said, “I can tell you in one word.” She hesitated. I waited. She looked about, flipped her hair over her shoulder, and said: “Friends.”

    So that’s advice from a young woman you’ll never in a jillion years meet. Have fun, make friends, enjoy yourself, but keep your focus!

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  5. I’d say you have a pretty good grasp on the whole college thing! I am definitely an introvert, INFJ to be exact, but my socialization skills are definitely sharp. The skills made my college experience a lot more fruitful in many ways.

    I would purposely, and not to an obnoxious degree (because I definitely respect another person’s space), communicate with others who did not interact with others very often, or those who would avoid people all together. The only reason I possessed a strong desire to help others open up is because I was a closed clam at a young age. I would blush if someone said my name. Actually, that was more during my pre-teen/teen years. When I was just a small fry I talked to everyone. I kind of knew both worlds, I guess.

    The coolest outcome to witness though, was to see the individuals finally open up to others, and make friends after I encouraged them to open up. So cool!

    Thanks for sharing Naya! As a longtime college graduate, I’d say you have shared some very valuable information from your college survival guide 🙂

    Have a wonderful happy day!

    Ian Michael Etzwiler


  6. As someone who recently graduated I would say cherish your time with all your new friends. These friendships and connections will last you a lifetime and this may be the last time you all live in the same city.


  7. Ah I start college soon so will definitely use these! Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x


  8. The most important one–to be yourself. Thankfully at college there is such a wide range of people that you will find people you get along with. I love your tips!


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