Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream- Review 

The long awaited review is FINALLY here. I’ve been trying and testing this cream in the background and I’m now ready to share my thoughts.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cream. I use it as a night cream because during the day I prefer something with SPF which the ultra facial cream did not provide. Other than that it’s amazingly lightweight and it takes just a minute to dry. It does not dry immediately but other creams that dry within seconds didn’t really work for me. It smells nice and clean but the smell is not strong or overpowering. I personally hate putting strong smells on my face but the ultra facial cream is not one of them. Once it dries you do not smell it. Last it provides adequatemoisture without causing my mixed skin to get oily. All in all, it’s not a state of the art, never seen before product but it is a solid, basic skincare product that performs as it should in a very reasonable price. 

What night creams would you suggest I try? Let me know in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream- Review ”

  1. Great review! I have heard such great things about the Kiehl’s brand. I’m still on the hunt of a night cream that doesn’t break me out, so I may have to check this out! xoxo

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  2. This has been one of my favourite creams ever! I either use this or the Oil of Olay beauty fluid. Definitely my top two favourites. Oil of olay is a lot cheaper hence I reach out for that a lot more than this one! But will definitely be buying another one of these soon. I did a post on both these products and would love it if you could read it too and xx

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  3. It’s not specifically a night cream, but part of my nightly routine is to use the rose deep hydration cream by Fresh on my face after wiping down with micellar water on a cotton pad. I use the cream mainly under my eyes and nose, but smooth the rest out onto my cheeks and down my neck. It’s a rich, silky product that smells AMAZING and you wake up with baby soft skin in the morning. Recommend 100%

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  4. I love this cream!! Need to get myself a new one since I finished my big tub! Currently using oil of olay which is my HG!!!


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