Melted Matte by Too Faced-Review 

First of all I have to say that this is my first time trying out a too faced product. ( I know where was I living?) Anyway I am a lipstick hoarder and since I am the worst with eye makeup I settled for a matte lipstick in the color sell out which is a pinkish, brownish nude.

I was impressed. Firstly I really enjoyed the color on me. But because color is personal I would suggest trying out before buying. Too Faced products are known for their sweet smells. This lipstick was not any different. It had a nice smell that was not overpowering. Again though many people do not like face products with strong smells so if that’s the case for you I would stay clear from Too Faced. The opacity was great with one coat. Although matte the lipstick was not at all drying but as with all matte lipsticks you have to start with a good base because any dryness you have on your lips will show. The applicator was also really good quality and it was easy to get a precise line.

Last, it stayed on for at least five hours and even when it started to come off it left a really nice tint. Also it contains “Volulip” that provides a really nice plumpness without stinging.

All in all it is a really great lipstick if you like or are okay with fragranced makeup and want a tad fuller lips.

17 thoughts on “Melted Matte by Too Faced-Review ”

  1. I too started as a lipstick hoarder, because I knew I couldn’t get it wrong. It goes on my lips! Lol. I’m glad you liked this, I’ve been weary to try the melted mattes because I think my (desert dry) lips have had enough matte for a while. But I’ve never heard anyone talk about the pluming of this, thank you for that, I had no idea. That color is really pretty, from the photo it reminds me of Maybelline Touch of Spice lipstick.

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  2. Such a pretty color! You should try their contour powders/bronzers. They are great and smell like chocolate!

    💜 Sammie
    Ps I’d love if you could check out my blog! Follows and comments are always appreciated!


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