Project Empties

I’m not the person to go crazy on the minimalistic lifestyle. I’m really envious of the people who can do that but I’m not one of them. That being said I would love to minimize my possessions and subsequently ways in a reasonable way. What I found the best and easiest ways to start is by using all of my products before I buy new ones. Even if I don’t love them I have challenged myself to use them up before going out and buying new ones. This way not only I save money but it is also an incentive to make smarter choices when buying products. I’ve started with my skincare products and hopefully my makeup.

Do you have any tips about how to reasonably minimize your belongings? Let me know in the comments below!

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27 thoughts on “Project Empties”

    1. I think the whole minimalistic craze has created unrealistic expectations. You don’t have to push yourself. It’s ok to take it slow!

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  1. Maybe by keeping only what you really need (by observing your lifestyle over a month) and doing away with or not buying anything which you ‘may need’ in future…i am big believer in minimalistic​ living…keeps your mind free of unnecessary stress…have tried it over a period of 4 years now and the results amaze me even!

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  2. I like this idea a lot! Especially with skincare/makeup/hair products. With clothes I find it easy to purge and donate to a local women’s shelter but for other things I hate throwing them away so I collect way too much

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  3. I go on I think maybe monthly purges of my things. I grew up very materialistic and sentimental, which is the recipe for future hoarder. I am forever getting rid of things lol! I’ve found the best methods are to do it in categories and doing your very best to look at things objectively.
    For example I start with clothes: I take everything out of my closet sort through it and categorize them, Yes, No, Maybe/I Don’t Know. I try on all the Yeses and the Maybes to see what looks good on me and what I feel good in. It definitely takes some time and I’m still definitely pairing down my clothes, but it’s worth it.
    I like your idea of using up all your skin care and makeup products as an incentive to be smart about when buying them in the future. My only problem with that is that my skin is quite sensitive and if I get say a face wash that makes me break out I have to get rid of it whether or not I’ve used it all. TT-TT
    I have a bunch of minimalism/purging things posts on my blog if you’re interested!

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  4. This is definitely something that I could be better at. Clothes is an easier one as I see others have suggested. My rule of thumb is go through and if you see something that you haven’t worn in the last year… you likely can get away with giving it away or selling it and not missing it ever again.

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  5. Think about what you use and what you don’t. If you haven’t used it in a year or more maybe it’s time to let it be with someone else that needs it.

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  6. Well done for choosing to use up what you have before buying more! I find the easiest way to get through what I have is to use one of each product at a time, so only using one shower gel, perfume, hairspray at a time rather than having a few on the go and working through them all more slowly! I know it doesn’t work for everyone to be tied down to one scent/ colour at a time but it works for me haha

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  7. I come from a family of people who love to hold onto stuff, so I’m always fearful of that becoming me as well. About every six months, I’ll go through junk drawers and storage closets, my makeup, etc and see what I really don’t need. It’s not always easy. Sometimes I have to take deep breaths and shut off my emotions and just throw it away.

    If it’s not too expensive and you can simply purchase an item when the need for it arises instead of storing it indefinitely, you’ll feel such a weight lifted I selling it, giving it or throwing it away. As for clothes shopping, I have to love it, not like it. If I feel like it’s going to be something I’ll want to keep forever, then I’ll buy it. I’d have to say that my biggest problem is shoes. I have so many and I can never decide which to let go. With grocery shopping, I’ve been trying to cook more often and shop more frequently. That way, I don’t have a bunch of food wasted. That has savd me a ton of money and cleaned out my fridge.

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  8. Minimising is great but I tend to make sure that I have 2 of my skin care and makeup products when they are on on sale so that way I save with my money but also helps me know that I won’t just run out and have to pay full price and spend all my money.
    Hopefully that helped😋💜

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  9. I’m currently trying to use all of the stuff under my sink. I think every woman has way too much bath stuff. I promised myself would use it all before I buy more but it is not easy. I think my step will be to take every single thing out of the cabinet and go through it. I don’t even know what all is in there.

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  10. I am also attempting to be on this minimalist journey. Being a packrat by nature, it’s really really a challenge for me. One thing I’ve started doing is only buying what I need when I need it. There is this tendency to always have things in my house for “just in case”. And a lot of times, just in case never comes. Or when it does come, I’ve totally lost track of the item I purchased, and end up purchasing it again. Waste of money, creates clutter, and causes me frustration because I know I bought it but can’t find it. So…I buy trash bags when I’m down to my last bag. I buy paper plates when I’m about to use my last plate. I have one bottle of lotion that I use completely. Laudry detergent, lysol wipes, face lotion, etc. Knick knacks…forget it. I never need them, so I have to make myself not buy them. I have a few vices like paper and pens…but I really just try to only buy what I need when I need it.

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  11. I wish I could be more minimalistic with what I keep, I’ve done a lot of decluttering recently and got better but I still have lots of things I don’t actually need. I’m trying with makeup to have certain things out for a month on my dressing table and only use them, see if I like them and then get rid of the ones I don’t want to use again. I’m not sure if it’ll work but it beats having so much in my collection the drawer won’t close! I tried to use things up before I bought new one but everything lasts so long and I found that some things that I didn’t get on with I’d just have there, use the ones I loved and then have those others sitting there. None of mine are going to waste though, unless they’re so old and that’s why I’m getting rid of them, I have a box I’m adding to as I declutter and will offer it to family. Mum already has a palette I didn’t get on with that[‘s been sitting there for years unloved and loves it.

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  12. For stuff that gets used like products: I put it in a more accessible, in-your-face place, so I’m reminded to use it.

    For clothes and other knick-knacs, I put stuff I don’t use/wear/look at/think about in a box for a month or two, and when I open it back up, I realize I haven’t even missed any of the items.


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  13. I love what you have opted to do already in which is use up what you have first before purchasing other things. I recently had this conversation with myself a couple of months ago because I too, am a product junkie. I’ve either given things away, did what you’re doing and train myself to use up what I have first or another thing I’ve started doing is buying samples (If they’re available), that way I’m not buying anything new and if the product turns out to be a bust then I don’t have to worry too much as I didn’t spend a lot of money on it anyway. Great Post!

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      1. Yesssss! those samples are life honey….they’re usually located at the bottom of the shelf or somewhere beside the product – if not, then you an always ask someone if they have samples for that particular product – most stores carry them, but others don’t.


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