Ridiculously easy ways to spice up your braids!  

Put a ring on it

Courtesy of the lovely Shay Mitchell an amazing idea to give your braids something extra. Just put a ring on it! (Or a lot of them!) No one can stop you. You can go crazy with it but I do love the subtle and sophisticated look Shay has opted for. My braids will never be ringless!!

Cuff it


Hair cuffs are really easy to find and use. They can turn even the most simple ponytail into a put together, unique look. You can even find them embedded on hair elastics. Same amount of effort for a gorgeous look? Yes please!

Braid it!

No I haven’t gotten crazy… Yet! While braiding your hair you can add a ribbon making them a lot more unique!

Do you have a different way of spicing up your braids? Let me know in the comments below! Which one is your favorite???

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49 thoughts on “Ridiculously easy ways to spice up your braids!  ”

  1. Ooh these are such good ideas,especially the ring one,it’s gorgeous and shay Mitchell started it so what’s the downside!? Please check out my blog if you get the chance!x

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    1. I love short hair. They look great and are easier to maintain. But then I see a gorgeous braid and I think I have to grow them back immediately 😂

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  2. I’ve always loved to see the cuffed accessory. I am a proud member of the ‘Naptural’ -and now trending amongst us natural girls- shaved head committee. So I am more versed in wash and goes, bantu knot twist outs, flat twist twist outs and the list goes on and on! Lovely hairstyles. The loose french braid is a favorite of mine to look at… because that’s all I can really do…lol


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