My blogging tips and tricks

I’m obviously not a professional blogger but I do believe that everyone has something to offer. So here are my best blogging tips! Maybe you’ll get something out of them!

  • Purpose

When starting a blog know what you want from it. If blogging is a way for you to vent and talk about things that interest you, you can be really laid back about it. On the other hand if you are hoping to someday make an income out of it you have to be a lot more focused and consistent.

  • Content  

Your blog’s content must be something you are passionate about. Something you’ll feel proud about once you hit that little update button. Don’t try to write about something that you believe people will like. It won’t work out.

  • Photos

Ok you have the great content. Now what? Most people will NOT click on your post if a photo doesn’t accompany it. We are visual creatures. Always make sure your blog has some great pictures. If you’ll only keep one thing from what I’m saying  this is it!

  • Socializing 

Even if you are the greatest blogger in the whole universe if people can’t physically see your blog they cannot engage. Make sure your blog is out there. Comment,like and socialize on social media. Don’t forget though to be yourself. See other people as meaningful connections not just as another follower.

  • Theme

Choose a theme that represents you and is easy to navigate. The technicalities of running a blog are definitely hard but with time things will be sorted out. No one started from the top!

  • Subscribe button 

If people have to search for it they WONT click it. So make sure it has a pretty good spot on the layout of your blog.

  • Advice

Always listen to others. You might get something from them. When you read a successful blog don’t just look at it. See what they are talking about, how they are saying it and their layout. Everything should be a source of inspiration!

  • Followers 

What I like to do is set a goal of new followers everyday. This should be adjusted to your blog’s needs. Mine right now is ten! Some days I get it and some I don’t but looking at my chart of follower goals helps me stay focused and inspired!

What are your blogging tips? Would you like to see a photo editing post? Let me know in the comments below!

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257 thoughts on “My blogging tips and tricks”

  1. Good advice especially to new bloggers. Every time you publish a new post, you need to promote it even if it is good content, you have to push it in front of your audience.

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  2. These are some very interesting ideas you have brought forth. But although I do feel like my own blog encorperates some of these thoughts to a certain extent, I’m not left with much to show for it. If it would be possible could we see a future posts that goes a little more into exposure.

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  3. amazing tips. though i feel like i have few of them down i get discouraged that i yet to have followers even though its been two months. but what i have learned from reading your points and points on other successful bloggers is that i have to be patient and consistent and just blog about what i love. so heres hoping lol and thank you for motivating me to continue.

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  4. Great advice. I need to figure out how to add a follow button to my blog. thanks I’m rather new, but enjoy blogging very much. Thanks for sharing.. 🙋🐦

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  5. I’ve been a blogger for just a day now, this helped me tho!! I also have new blogger tips on my blog if anyone is interested…I know I’m a new blogger but believe me it might just be worth it. Thanks for this post !

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  6. thanks for the tips! It will really help me to start my blog site and make it productive, since that I’m just a beginner. I hope that I can make my blog site successfully with a great purposes and benefits to all of us.(that’s why I do believe that “just always look at the bright side.”)

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  7. Thank you for this! I have set a beginning goal of 3 followers a day….Question: How niche does your niche have to be?? I want to talk about personal growth and my views on my environment. Could someone point me to a blog like that so I can draw some insipration?

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  8. You’re not a professional blogger?! 😮 But your blog is ‘obviously’ giving me such vibes. 😀 It must take a lot of hardwork and patience! Kudos. An inspiration for newbies like me! 🙂

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  9. It seems like you’re doing incredibly on the followers side so congrats and thanks for the tips!

    I think setting yourself a goal of followers a day to is a really useful thing to track progress. Do you have any advice what sort of activity you do outside of your blog to try and get these ten per day? Or is it mainly content based

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  10. Reblogged this on Thrifty Campers and commented:
    Hi y’all, hope you all are having a wonderful and an even more so exciting weekend. This week sure flew by didn’t? So anyways, we wanted to share a post that we found to be helpful and useful for our blog being we are constantly trying to better our it in any and every way we possibly can, and thought perhaps you would like to benefit from it yourself. A blog can always use some tweaking, in our book. Bye for now.

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    1. Thank you very much. Honestly we always need some improvement. Just be better than yesterday. (Also thanks for reposting ❤️ it means a lot)


  11. You got some great feedback on this post. I didn’t read but a couple, so if this is redundant I apologize.

    I see so many blog posts where writers go on and on about themselves and their own lives, that I usually just click on and never read most. If someone has a compelling story then make it interesting and relatable to the reader, or it is likely wasting my time. Teach someone something, offer something, call to action, or try to motivate. If someone just wants to talk about themslevs, get a journal.

    You are correct – pictures are king. You can write a post with lots of text but there better be some break in the action with some compelling photo or you’ll lose most readers.

    I’ve been blogging for just short of a year and have learned so much. I plan to write some tips and tricks myself after I get more than a year. Great post and thanks for sharing

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    1. Thank you for your words. I try to help people with my posts as much as I can. Obviously there are other blogs created as personal spaces to share experiences and many people enjoy that. I’m glad we have both types!

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      1. I guess I’m just not into reading peoples’ life stories. I think you are right on the mark with your blog tips though. I have made a lot of changes this year to mine and I went from very few page views to getting around 500 or more per month. Just by doing some of the things you pointed out. 🙏🏻


      2. I like it when people put a little bit of themselves into their blog topics…if I want to read a purely factual informational piece I pick up a magazine!


  12. Like the tips = esp. “Always listen to others. You might get something from them. When you read a successful blog don’t just look at it. See what they are talking about, how they are saying it and their layout. Everything should be a source of inspiration!”
    but not the part about followers. More is not always better

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    1. Thank you very much. I didn’t mention that more is better. I simply believe that setting a goal to get a specific number of followers can help you stay motivated. It could be one follower or millions. Each person has different goals. Mine when I started blogging was to help one person. Hopefully I’ve done that. Lastly I do believe that one single real follower is more important than millions of fake ones. I hope I cleared things up a little because I don’t want people thinking that I care about numbers.

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      1. well “IF” you are moitvated by numbers – and so you did sorta suggest that “more is better” under the suggestion – ya know?
        so if you say one is enough but then say that you are motivated to set a goal for a number of followers… well….

        and again – have to piggy back on the part about advice – because Naya – that is wisdom for every area of life not just blogging – omg you said it well.
        and too often we get puffed up or just forget to stay open to learning.
        it sneaks in so much
        and seriously – good list –
        well except as noted – the numbers part is a pet peeve for me – and my hubs and I chat it up a lot on that topic….
        we sometimes forget that our culture is a numbers junkie driven one-
        and I have to snap out of it –
        like if 25 folks read my blog – that is 25 human minds (a whole bunch of neurons and umph) and it is friggin a lot….
        yet recently heard someone sniff that they get 25 views on posts –
        sometimes we just forget that even seven “real” readers is something to value – maybe not if we are selling papers or ads…

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      2. I am motivated by numbers because I love seeing people reading my posts, interacting etc. I don’t think this is a bad thing personally. What I don’t like is being driven by numbers while completely forget about engagement. I only value numbers when they correspond to real people who are genuinely interested in my content. I agree that we live in a number driven society but this is mostly because until now you needed a significant following to earn a living through blogging. Because I you seem a bit cold towards advertising through blogs here is my opinion. I personally support sponsored content because I know it helps the person earn a living while creating content I love. Plus, I have turned down payment offers from companies I didn’t know and would not provide samples for testing. So I know that a content creators will include things he/she loves or else will start to lose people’s trust. I wrote a lot of stuff. Hope they make sense 😊

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      3. it makes a lot of sense and I have a lot of respect for folks who make money blogging – and actually what a cool thing to do – and I guess that is a whole different topic – eh? but it does tie into numbers and your example applies – and so in that case number of followers matter for the blogger (as it ties into goals and all that) it surely does…


  13. Definitely! Promoting your blog takes up at least as much time as writing, researching and photographing. Also I think that personal blogs should be interactive, if someone leaves a comment, answer them.
    Before I started I took a course in blog writing and I learned a lot of tips and tricks during the course, like how to keep your reader’s attention on a www full of distractions, how to keep it short, how to get Googled, etc. It was well worth the money.
    Happy blogging!

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  14. I like most how you said to see people as other meaningful connections. I know I tend to look at my computer screen and forget that there are people behind the picture, who eat and breathe and live and work every day like I do. I remember someone saying, “She wrote like I was talking with my best gal friend!!” that’s what I hope to achieve through …making connections, not just gaining followers!! Thank YOU for all of your tips, Naya!! 🙂

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  15. Thank you Naya, You are so inspiring^^. those are great and practical tips, very helpful, I started blogging since february so I am quite new in the field ^^ ❤ I always appreciate your posts.

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