Job Hunting is HARD

It’s been six months since I received my Communications degree. I never expected to get a high paying job five minutes after graduating. But after six months and quite literally hundreds of job and internship applications with no result I have started to feel really frustrated. I don’t mind not being paid thousands but I really want to find a job I love and am passionate about which is mostly social media. But it doesn’t seem to happen for me.

Tik Tok is not helping. When nine out of the ten posts I see is young girls who are there own bosses allegedly making thousands each month by just existing I definitely feel left out. And although I know that most of these are people who lie in order to sell some silly course or product I still seem to be jealous of their seemingly perfect life.

This post does not offer any usable advice as to how you can score the job of your life because I don’t have any. It is just to let you know that in case you are struggling you are not alone. Social media are so good at making you feel less than the rest. But it’s not that way. People are struggling. It’s just that most don’t feel comfortable sharing those struggles.

For this reason I shared my current struggle and I would love it if you want to share your own struggles in the comments below. Let’s show each other that we are in this together!



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33 thoughts on “Job Hunting is HARD”

  1. I’m at the other end of the spectrum. Many of us oldsters were pushed into retirement early and discovered that despite our many years of education and experience no one would hire us – age discrimination. I gave up looking

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    1. Wow I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s so absurd that you either don’t have enough experience or too much experience. You just can’t win.

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  2. Thank you for sharing. I can really relate, it is so difficult sometimes. Makes me feel so frustrated every now and then, as job hunting is, indeed, HARD. But I believe it will all sort out in the end. Good luck to all of us who feel this way sometimes! 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing! This is totally normal, especially for recent grads. Before graduating college I was very anxious about finding a full time job. I didn’t get hired for any of the jobs I wanted either, but in late June I got a random call about a Customer Service Intern (call center) position that was open and mine if I wanted it. I needed money so I said “sure!”, not excited about working in a call center at all lol. But guess what, it was an internship and I took it.

    That taught me that all experience is valuable. Don’t look down on any job, you can always learn something that you can use in your future dream job.

    My advice: apply for jobs that you may not want, but could teach you transferable skills. My customer service internship was the BEST internship I ever had, my manager was amazing and supportive, then I got hired full time, I met so many great people including my mentor, and just loved working there. In the end, I got promoted several times and even became a trainer in the call center too. Every skill I learned in that job, I use today in my “dream job/industry”. It took two years before I got the job I wanted.

    But you’re right. Job hunting IS hard. But I have so much faith that something will work out for you when you least expect it, and you’ll eventually get to work in social media! Customer Service taught me so much and I’m forever grateful that I was open to that experience. It prepared me for the job I have now.

    Wishing you all the best in your search! Let me know if you need any online resources for your job hunt. I hope this isn’t too long 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your advice. I’ve been looking on all the normal places (LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc.). I’ve also been googling regularly and even tried mailing agencies in case they had an opening but until this point I had no success. I’ll definitely keep trying!

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  4. I can so relate. I ask myself the same, how can these young girls go so viral in TikTok. Then you see half naked women with million followers in IG who get good money doing what they do. I’m on the same boat so I can def relate to your struggle.

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    1. TikTok is definitely not helping the situation. I also believe a lot of these people present a specific lifestyle in order to sell a course on how to become the same. And actually that is how they get rich. But I still feel overwhelmed and a tad jealous. 😢


  5. Hello there. I understand how you feel as I have been there. I encourage you to not put too much pressure on yourself. You are young and you have fresh skills. I encourage you to use this time to discover more things about yourself by being busy and trying new things you have not tried before (art, baking, dance) or whatever it is that will enhance your individuality as a person. A job is indeed important for our finances and stability but it is also important to develop ourselves outside our workplaces. So use this time also to explore more the field of work you want to enter in. Whatever you can do to enhance your skill and to enhance your CV also. Be involved in the community, causes. Create a professonal blog and explore LINKD IN. I hope it helps and I am praying for you that you will soon be accepted in a job that God has planned for you

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    1. Thank you so much for your prayers and advice. I appreciate it extremely. I’ll definitely start exploring things I can do to enhance my experiences.


  6. Firstly, congratulations on achieving your Degree. Finishing your studies under the shadow of Covid must also have been challenging (many of my students deferred their studies fir a year) and I would the uncertainty of the economic climate will be adding additional hurdles for you. The others who have also replied to your post are right – be proud of what you have achieved and don’t get too disheartened. Look for interesting opportunities to develop and enhance your skills to improve employability. Good luck 😁

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    1. Thank you for your kind words ❤️ I’m definitely trying to make the most out of the situation! A pandering is definitely not helping 😣

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  7. I had a similar problem with my first degree. I couldn’t find any related jobs and it was so frustrating. Also, I thought the economy had a lot to do with lack of jobs. I worked a lot of minimum wage jobs, had a factory job that paid OK, and found a job that was partly related to my degree….only for that job to pay $1 above minimum wage. It felt like an insult to my education and that’s where I drew the line. I just had a baby so it was not an easy decision going back to university.

    Given the pandemic and questionable economy, I totally get why people are frustrated. I discovered, however, that I had the wrong degree. I ended up going back to school and switched career paths. Turns out that was the issue all along, for me anyways. Right now, I’m currently unemployed but waiting to start 2 jobs (it’s just very slow to get started). I also had to turn down an interview for a job that I really wanted.

    My advice is not to give up. Keep searching! Maybe it’s the specialty that you’re in that is making it difficult to find work.

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  8. Hang in there..soon you will land a job that you love and pays well… until then maybe you should maintain some distance from social media for your own peace of mind ☺️


  9. Wishing you all the best with your job search. I know how difficult it is, especially in the current climate! It took me a year after graduating to finally secure my first full time job. It was within the tourism industry and I worked in that role for a year a half before being made redundant due to the pandemic. I’ve been job hunting since last summer now and it’s been such a frustrating journey. But I believe there’s something out there for both of us. They say good things come to those who wait, so fingers crossed! ❤

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  10. I graduated in 2020 april and still studying to get a good job. Its been more than an year and suffering dont end but hope…losing hope each day. I pray and seek help from lord. I am loosing hope and confidence😐 i wish we all could help each other, offering small tasks for money for a small start.


  11. I changed my major from psychology to communication during my junior year of college. I got an internship at my college newspaper during my senior year of college (I was promoted to a staff writer during my last semester). When summer came, I got an unpaid internship at a Hawaii publication, but now that my internship is done, I’m struggling on what to do. I’m currently using this time to focus on my blog, but I feel like things would’ve been different if I hadn’t changed my major so late in my college career.


    1. Oh no worries! Finding a job takes time. Keep at it!! I don’t think the major change affected things that much. Don’t duel on the past and what ifs. Focus on your self and the rest will come.

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