Blog Party

Do you want your blog to be viewed by thousands of people? Do you want to connect with other bloggers? Then welcome. This is a post dedicated to all of you in order to share and promote your work and find other likeminded individuals.

If you are interested check the rules below:

  • Follow my blog so you don’t miss our monthly parties!!!
  • In a comment write a few things about your blog and a link to either your homepage or your favorite post.
  • Be careful add only ONE link to your comments or they will go to spam. If you want to share more links create separate comments.
  • For each link you share check another one out.
  • No offensive content
  • Have fun!

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13 thoughts on “Blog Party”

  1. I am a Millennial who writes about saving money, marriage/parenting, and things that give my life meaning. Although I don’t publish new content very often, I am active on the WP reader and enjoy visiting other blogs. My blog is mainly directed at overcoming mental health challenges and living one’s best life. Hence the title, “Sereneluna: finding my inner goddess.” I believe that happiness starts on the inside. Here is the link:

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  2. Hi Everyone πŸ‘‹
    First of all, thank you Naya for this blog party πŸ₯³
    Quite recently I restart blogging, I can say thanks to covid, strangely, since being home made me reconnect with my passions in life and finding out writing it relaxes my soul.
    My blog used to be about beauty and makeup, since I’m a makeup artist, but I realise something was missing in my blog, so I decided this year I will write also about travelling, food and fashion. Plus the blog community is really supportive and I missed this feeling of we are living in a good world surrounded by good people.
    Here’s the link to my first travelling/food Post (a bit extensive, I’m sorry, but hope you enjoy it):

    Thank you! Wish you a nice weekend πŸ’‹

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  3. Hi all,
    I recently just re-started my blog from scratch and would love all the support possible! I will be predominantly posting about fashion, as well as some lifestyle matters here and there. If that is something that interests you, I welcome you over to my page on

    Thanks πŸ™‚

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