I Miss Home

I had been living with my parents in Greece until I was 22? Was it always easy? Definitely not. This is why at first I thought moving to the Netherlands with my boyfriend in search of a better life would be ok.

Well… It isn’t.

I miss hugging my parents.

Being there for them. I can see their faces on the phone screen when we talk and how much they miss me too. It breaks my heart.

I miss hanging out with my friends.

Moving to a new country means not having a group of friends anymore. Of course you can still communicate with them but it’s not the same. You are constantly watching them do things without you. And you can only wish you were there.

I miss my routine.

Moving to a European country I never realised the cultural difference I was about to experience. Food, people, places. Everything is different. Losing the simple things that used to bring me joy has taken a huge toll on me. Getting coffee with my dad in the mornings. Ordering souvlaki in the evenings. Small things that I had not realised how important they were to me.

Moving far away and building a life away from the people you love is not easy. A lot of days I wish I hadn’t. But I have and I cannot ignore the reasons for which I did.

Was it the right thing? Remains to be seen.

Any advice on how to survive the craziness that is my life is definitely welcome.


6 thoughts on “I Miss Home”

  1. Moving was one of the best decisions I ever made. My now husband I moved across Canada to build a life out west. He’s feeling a bit homesick and wants to move again. We don’t have a forever home yet, so I’m not sure what my “home” is anymore.

    Try to focus on the reasons why you moved to the Netherlands rather than focus on the things that you feel like you’ve lost. There’s a lot of good that comes from starting over in a new place, far away from home. It might take a while to find these answers though.



    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    Does This Sound Familiar EveryOne; Be Authentic, Honest and Genuine in YOUR!!! Answers in YOUR!!! Comments please 🤔 ?

    “Different Person; same shit
    Different Place; same shit
    Different Job; same shit

    Oh, WAIT!!! The Only Constant in ALL of This Shit is Me, MySelf, I; hmmm, maybe I Should Turn InSide, Do Some Inner Work and Admit, Acknowledge and Address My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)…thereby Shedding and Adding until Satisfied, Sated and Content; thus Being Eager to Grapple My Next Challenge 🤔 ?”

    💎 Ergo, EveryBody, Simply and Complexly Exist, Experiment and Experience; while YOU!!! Continuously LEARN!!! then ENJOY!!! 95% of The 3DLinearTime and Endure 5% of The 3DLinearTime…it’s KISS 💋 😘 😗 😚 😙 🎶 💋; which (WITCH!!! 🧙 🪄🧹) is ‘Keep It Simple Silly’

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎



  3. There’s a saying that you don’t know what you got until it’s gone! I can’t relate to moving to another country, but I have moved to a different area and it’s not easy adjusting to a new place, but it takes time.

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  4. I have been to The Netherlands myself and lived abroad many times, the feeling of being in your culture and warmth of it has been taken from you BUT in every bad situation we must look for something positive and that is with life in general✨ much love, strength and light to you!

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