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The perfect Christmas outfit

Since the 1st of December hit the calendar an abundance of Christmassy/festive season posts came streaming in and it’s still going of course. Some get excited like a little kid in a candy shop, while others try to avoid these joyous posts about this festive season, but let’s just say I am part of the group of people that jump up and down, because for me, this is the best time of the year.

We all want to look great on Christmas day, right? Whether it be glam or just comfy, Christmas just is one of those days where you put a little more effort into putting an outfit together. And if you’re looking for some inspo, I got you covered 🙂

Classic & Sophisticated

If you’re going to some fancy Christmas dinner, this outfit will surely be perfect for such an occasion.

Pairing this white tulle skirt with the dark red wine coloured long sleeve cropped velvet top (what a mouthful) – GORGEOUS! I think it would look even more gorgeous if the top has an open back. You can go a little shorter with the tulle skirt, but I think the knee length adds to the classiness.

These black chunky heels with a strap and slightly pointed toe along with the silver teardrop earrings would compliment the skirt and top and definitely adds to the elegant factor.

Of course the outfit would not be complete without a gorgeous golden smokey eye and dark lip look and a sleek high bun – this really ties the whole look together.

This whole look screams sophistication!

Cute & Quirky

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more chill, but can still classify as a night or day out outfit, then you should definitely have a look at this one. I think this might be my favourite one.

So you guys have probably figured out by now that I love dark reddish kinda colours and I mean they are also Christmassy colours. For the bottoms of this look you can either choose between this burgundy velvet skirt with black buttons or the dark red skirt to go with this ivory/off white cropped sweater and black tights – plain or polka dots!

For the accessories you gotta have this black tie up choker (I don’t really know what it’s called?) and these amazing ankle boots that I wish would just magically appear in my closet. (hopefully Santa sees this haha)

Of course you can mix and match with different chokers or any accessories for that matter. It’s called quirky after all, right?

We’ll finish off the look with a subtle smokey eye and the perfect nude coloured lip – you can do a dark lip with this outfit too! And gorgeous soft, but messy, wavy hair.

This is definitely my favourite look, it is so up my street.

Comfy & Casual

Most of us want to look stylish this time of year, but still feel comfy. This next outfit does both and it’s definitely the easiest to put together!

I wouldn’t mind owning both of these sweaters, but some people prefer not to wear the cliché Christmas sweater, so they might lean towards a different sweater like this off white one with mini pom poms – so cute and it’s still kinda festive! And it’s so easy to pair with black skinny jeans (or any jeans of your choice) or even some black leggings. The goal is to be as comfy as possible, but still look stylish.

Throw in some combat boots with long comfy socks and this adorable beanie and you’ve got yourself a pretty awesome outfit!

For makeup you can do a very subtle and natural look or you don’t have to wear any makeup, it’s totally up to you. I think this subtle glowy makeup look will be perfect and some boxer braids will be great with that beanie!

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m really into all three of these outfits – they’re so Christmassy and they’re also really easy to mix and match and pair with other colours or accessories – go ahead and be creative and do your own thing with it.

I got these ideas from Pinterest, of course, cause Pinterest is the best place to go to for inspiration and ideas.

Thanks for reading! Tell me what’s your favourite look out of these three?

Blissful Boho


3 Creative Ways to Add Colour Into Your Makeup Routine

Hello, beautiful readers!

Fall is in full-swing, and many of the colour palettes you see in clothing and makeup tend to revolve around darker hues. Colours like burgundy, grey, black, and burnt orange are common. Just because these fall colours are popular doesn’t mean you can’t sneak bright, summery colours into your makeup routine!

1. Rock a bold lip 

A bold lipstick colour instantly polishes your makeup look. Deep reds, purples, and even metallic silver are shades I’ve seen everywhere this season. A highly pigmented, bright lip colour is one creative outlet for showcasing your favourite shades. My personal favourite bright lip colours are:

  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub: This shade is a bold, bright fuchsia
  • M.A.C. Cosmetics Lipstick in Diva – A deep burgundy
  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Cotton Candy – An electric blue-violet

2. Start with your nails 

Nail polish is the easiest way to add colour to your makeup routine. It is a lot easier to let loose with a bright nail polish if you find bright lipstick shades daunting. Because your hands are otherwise makeup-free, you don’t have to worry that your nail polish colour is going overboard.

3. Vibrant cheeks 

Many new highlight palettes feature bright, bold colours. Swipe a metallic blue, purple, or pink highlight onto your cheekbones to add a pop of colour to your makeup. If you wish to incorporate the colour into other areas of your face, a metallic highlight is also perfect as eyeshadow. (I’ve also used it as lipstick on occasion, and it works quite well!)

How do you like to incorporate colour into your makeup routine? 

Drugstore Makeup must haves!

Hey everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in a while (sorry) but things are just so busy at the moment and when I want to post something I make sure I have enough time to write something of good quality, because if I write a post in a hurry I would not be happy with the outcome, and you guys too!

Makeup is one of my favourite things in the world (apart from food & adventures) and every time I walk into a drugstore I go straight to the makeup aisle and I can look at all the different products for HOURS!

Unfortunately we don’t have shops like Sephora or Boots, we only have drugstores and pharmacies and some clothing stores where we can purchase our makeup. Of course there are here and there a few small shops or people that import products from high end makeup brands like Tarte, Too Faced, NARS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, etc. but purchasing from them is hella expensive, because it is imported and it is already high end, which makes it way more pricey than brands like Revlon, Rimmel, Maybelline, Essence, Catrice, Yardley, NYX, etc. (we do have MAC Cosmetics, Smashbox and Clinique which is high end, but they’re very expensive)

However just because these brands are considered drugstore makeup, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t of good quality. It is usually with these drugstore makeup products that you find some great gems that you’ll fall in love with, so people, make way for the drugstore makeup!

Let’s start with the base and foundation for ya face:

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Primer, Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer & L.A. Girl colour correcting concealer:


This baby blue primer from Maybelline really does do what it says on the tube! Your pores are instantly smaller and less visible and it makes for an even smoother foundation application. Before I apply my trusty Catrice concealer, I first use the L.A. Girl colour correcting concealer underneath my eyes (you know the area that always looks like you were either punched in the face or like you haven’t slept in days).


It has this orange-brownish-red colour which apparently cancels out the blueish-purple colour under your eyes. I don’t know how that science works, but I do know that it does make a huge difference and helps the normal concealer to do its job even better. Just don’t apply too much, otherwise you’ll look a bit funky!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish & Match Perfection foundations:


I’ve only recently purchased the Lasting Finish foundation to use for special occasions, because it promises full coverage and lasts all day! This foundation also gives you a little bit more of a velvety airbrushed look, where as the Match Perfection one is more for those days where you want to cover up, but still feel and look light and natural. Both of them contains SPF which is always a bonus and they work with pumps which makes application super easy and mess-free!

To set my face – Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus Powder & Essence Stay All Day Translucent Fixing powder:


I don’t use both of these products at the same time, ’cause you don’t want to look unnaturally matte and like your skin is dry. I mostly lean towards the Catrice mattifying powder, because it sets my foundation beautifully and because it has some colour to it, it adds a bit more coverage. I feel it is the perfect powder to use when you don’t have such a busy day and where you won’t be sweating. If I would have a day jam packed full of adventures and things to do or even a photoshoot for example, then I would use the Essence translucent powder. It goes along well with a full coverage foundation and it doesn’t cause flashback.

Catrice Cosmetics Prime And Fine Contouring Palette & Yardley Suntorini Bronzing Powder, for some definition:


Ahh I love a good bronzer! And this one from Yardley is definitely giving me some Santorini vibes, even though I have never been there, but the pictures I have seen makes me want to go so bad! I imagine wearing this bronzer in Santorini is a perfect fit, it’s summery and makes you look like a Greek goddess 😉

But let’s not forget about the pretty champagne highlighter in this Catrice contouring palette. It’s not too shimmery and goes well with the bronzer! The cool toned contour colour blends very easily and gives a really natural finish.

Okay so we’re finally moving on to eye makeup products and there are quite a few that I’ve picked out!

If there’s one makeup product that catches my eye quickly, it has got to be beautiful eyeshadows!

Accessorize You Are Everything eyeshadow palette:


This palette has 32 different shades! And it has almost every shade you can think of. There are pinks, nudes, blues, greens, purples and just such a big variety of shimmer and matte shades. The eye makeup looks you can create with this palette is endless! I have had this palette for quite a while now, and I know you’re suppose to use makeup for only a certain amount of time, but I can’t let this palette go, because first of all, it’s limited edition (I think) second, look at those gorgeous colours and third, for some reason you don’t get such big makeup palettes in this country!? So I’m really holding on to this one!

L.A. Girl Smoky eyeshadow palette:


This is also a great palette to create multiple eye makeup looks with and the formula is really nice. It blends easily and is quite pigmented.

So Essence also has some good eyeshadows, they mostly sell them individually, but I have seen like some small palettes or so. I love their packaging and they are super affordable with really nice quality products. I have been loving these 3 colours from Essence:


The blue coloured one is just like a normal matte eyeshadow and is called “billie jeans” – super cute! And it isn’t like an electric blue colour, it is very subtle and soft and it goes really beautifully with the greyish eyeshadow colour. It has been named “you’re the greytest” and it is from their “the velvets” range. It really does feel like velvet and I almost don’t want to use it too much, because look at that cool pattern! The nude shade is called “coffee bean” which is really suitable ’cause I don’t know if I am imagining myself, but it actually smells a little like coffee!

Can you imagine anything better than a makeup product that has two purposes in one? If you are searching for something like that, then you should definitely try Essence 2-in-1 Eyeshadow & Liner and Rimmel London Scandaleyes eyeshadow stick:


I apologize for the bad quality photo, I just couldn’t seem to get the colours of these products to show properly and as you can see there’s barely anything left of the Scandaleyes ’cause I’ve used it so much! But this is how they look – the Rimmel eyeshadow stick has this beautiful olive green colour, called “Gossip Green” and it goes amazing with nudes of course and brings out green and brown eyes! The Essence one, named “go bro’nze” is like a metallic dark brown colour with a bit of a shimmer. Both of these sticks are so creamy and soft and they can be used as eyeshadow and eyeliner! It just saves you so much time and effort.

L’ORÉAL Paris False Lash Superstar Mascara & NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker:


Mascara is a definite makeup must – just applying literally mascara and nothing else already lights up your bare face a lot! And to be honest that is what I do most days and you can’t go wrong with this one from L’ORÉAL. As you can see, it has two steps, but you don’t have to do both steps. You can just use the actual mascara part if you’re in a hurry. The first part is this white stuff that I guess serves as a primer and adds more volume and length, but just even using the mascara alone already gives your lashes so much volume and oompf! The eyeliner from NYX is the perfect shape and size for a good wing liner or whatever you desire to do with it! Once it’s dry, it stays all day!

Moving on to lip products, finally.

So I’m a sucker for nude colours and dark autumnal colours when it comes to my lip product preferences. I don’t wear lipstick very often, but on special occasions I would go for a red lipstick, a nude one or a plum-purple kinda colour, it depends on what outfit I’m wearing obviously. I like these two lipsticks, the Maybelline Colorsensational in Red Revival & Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Cutting Edge:


I mean every beauty guru or lover has to own at least one red coloured lipstick to create that classic red lip look and the plum coloured lipstick is perfect for fall season!


Like I said, I only actually wear lipsticks for very special occasions so for daytime looks I would go for something light and easy to apply like the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in the colour Nude Flush & the NYX Butter Gloss in the colour Devil’s Food Cake:


First of all, both of these lippies are so easy to apply! The Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick is as it says, matte and it stays for a good amount of time and this colour is sooo pretty and goes with almost everything! And of course, I have to have a butter gloss in a beautiful autumnal plum colour. I have never had devil’s food cake, but it sure smells delicious!

So you guys are probably thinking, “does this girl not own any brow products!?” well … I do own like two brow products, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere (oops) just because I don’t use them as much. BUT I do remember where they’re from: I use the Rimmel Brow This Way, I think it’s called and the other one is also like an eyebrow kit from Essence.

I really love the Rimmel one, because it has a wax and a powder and when you use it in combination with each other it gives a natural look and stays for very long. What’s cool about the Essence one is that it comes with eyebrow stencils and two different colours for a better match to your natural eyebrows!

♥ ♥ ♥

Pheww this is one lengthy makeup post… but hey, us makeup lovers can’t stop rambling about makeup products we genuinely like!

Hope you guys liked it! 🙂

What’s your top 3 favourite drugstore makeup brands/products? – Share them with me in the comments!

– Blissful Boho



(All images are my own pictures I have photographed myself, except the brow product ones!)