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Five models that are not afraid to be different!   

For a lot of years fashion had a pretty specific type that was considered “pretty”. Unfortunately that type was far from reality. Discrimination and false idea of beauty is still a huge problem for the fashion industry but we have taken huge steps to the right direction. So here are my five  favorite models! Iskra […]

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Blog Party!

Do you want your blog to be viewed by thousands of people? Do you want to connect with other bloggers? Then welcome. This is a post dedicated to all of you in order to share and promote your work and find other likeminded individuals. If you are interested check the rules below: Follow my blog… Continue reading Blog Party!

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Holiday Glow! Filmstar Bronze & Glow by Charlotte Tilbury

What is it? A powder sculpting and highlighting palette. What does it do? The sculpting side is great for contouring while the highlighting part is great for highlighting the face and even the eyes. The packaging. Charlotte Tilbury's packaging is my cup of tea. There's not one product that I didn't love the packaging. It… Continue reading Holiday Glow! Filmstar Bronze & Glow by Charlotte Tilbury

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Mailing Brands? 3 Key-points to include.

Mailing brands for possible collaborations is hard enough. Including this key points will not only make it easier but also more possible for you and other bloggers to land the best partnerships! Straight to the point subject. Companies receive an enormous amount of mails every single day. From complaints to propositions for collaborations. Having a… Continue reading Mailing Brands? 3 Key-points to include.

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The perfect Christmas outfit

Since the 1st of December hit the calendar an abundance of Christmassy/festive season posts came streaming in and it's still going of course. Some get excited like a little kid in a candy shop, while others try to avoid these joyous posts about this festive season, but let's just say I am part of the… Continue reading The perfect Christmas outfit