3 Reasons You Are Not Getting Enough Brand Deals.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not the number of your followers

First of all I’ve been seeing many online coaches claiming that numbers don’t matter. From my personal experience that’s a lie. Numbers do matter. It’s just subjective. There are a lot of factors and numbers brands take into account when deciding who to work with. Here’s the three things I’ve found brands value most.

  1. Engagement

The reason why brands don’t really care about your followers count is because they care more about engagement. In the case of Instagram if you have 1 million followers and 100 likes per post brands will not work with you. But if you have 1.000 followers and 400 likes you have a lot more chances of securing a brand deal. In my personal experience the minimum followers you should have are at least 1.000 coupled with at least 300 likes and at least 30 comments.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. This is just my personal experience.

2. Quality of Content

Aside from engagement brands care about the content you will be providing them. At the end of the day it’s cheaper to hire an influencer instead of a professional photographer, videographer, copywriter etc. Unfortunately good content does not only mean well lit good quality photos. They also need to align with the specific brand’s identity. So it is a good idea to research and find common elements within the brands you want to work with and try implement them in your feed.

3. Wrong Contact

There are many people that work for a specific brand. Many influencers shoot a text to the customer service email that is usually easily available. Unfortunately this email is flooded with more urgent emails in regards to orders, returns etc. Thus, your email may get ignored. You should always check the brand’s website for a dedicated press email. If you can’t locate a good place to search for the right person is LinkedIn. Search for the company you want and under the tab of people filter those who work in marketing and Pr. Their email is usually theirname@brandname.com. If this doesn’t work you can always reach out to the customer service email to ask for the correct contact for your inquiry.

There are many factors that brands take into consideration when looking to work with influencers. If you don’t get to work with the brand you wanted don’t get discouraged. You can always try the next season.

I want to mention once more that I am not a professional and this is what I’ve discovered through years of blogging. In case you’d like me to take a look at your social profiles and maybe provide some advice on how you can improve don’t hesitate to follow and send me a DM on Instagram.


5 Instagram hacks you propably didn’t know

  1. Instagram themes

Having a theme for your Instagram is BAE. Everyone has them and most are flawless. If you have spent hours trying desperately to jump on the bandwagon I’m here to make your life easier! Just go to Pinterest, search for Instagram themes and pick the one you like best and try to stick with it through all of your photos.

2.  Instagram preview

Most of the filter presets you’ll find on Pinterest use VSCO cam (which is free by the way!)

What you can do on vsco cam is keep in the app the photos you upload on your Instagram in the same order. This way you’ll know what your feed will look like and if the photo you just edited coincides with your theme.

Don’t forget to set your display size by fours!

3. Two Instagram accounts

Having a blog usually means having more than one Instagram accounts. Well Instagram loves us and made it possible to add a second account on your devices! No more frustration!

Click options!

Scroll down!

Tap Add Account! Easy as that!

4. Rearrange your filters

Just tap continuously on the filter you want to move and drag it whenever you want!

5. Edit your photos 

Want to edit a photo on Instagram but not upload it? Just edit and before you hit upload turn on airplane mode. Your photo won’t be uploaded but it will be saved on your camera roll!

What are your best Instagram hacks? Let me know in the comments below! And follow me on Instagram

Why I won’t follow you back! 

As all bloggers propably do, I love getting comments and likes on my posts. I love interacting with people and I love creating content that is helpful, inspiring and fun. Getting a nice comment is a reassurance that the effort I put into my blog doesn’t go unnoticed. Thing is a lot of the comments I get consist of the phrase “I follow back.” Problem is I do not want people to follow my blog because I commented, liked or followed them. I did that with all my sincerity without expecting something in return. But other than that I get devastated because now every like or comment I see I think did they really mean it or is this an effort so that I will follow them? And this takes away from my success. Every follower is immensely important for me as long as they are sincere. So please, I would love to chat but don’t ever expect a follow back from me. I will only follow you because I love your content. So you can be sure you have a true follower in me. Love you guys. 

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and by all means I do not wish to offend anyone. We are all different and that is ok!