Job Hunting is HARD

It’s been six months since I received my Communications degree. I never expected to get a high paying job five minutes after graduating. But after six months and quite literally hundreds of job and internship applications with no result I have started to feel really frustrated. I don’t mind not being paid thousands but I really want to find a job I love and am passionate about which is mostly social media. But it doesn’t seem to happen for me.

Tik Tok is not helping. When nine out of the ten posts I see is young girls who are there own bosses allegedly making thousands each month by just existing I definitely feel left out. And although I know that most of these are people who lie in order to sell some silly course or product I still seem to be jealous of their seemingly perfect life.

This post does not offer any usable advice as to how you can score the job of your life because I don’t have any. It is just to let you know that in case you are struggling you are not alone. Social media are so good at making you feel less than the rest. But it’s not that way. People are struggling. It’s just that most don’t feel comfortable sharing those struggles.

For this reason I shared my current struggle and I would love it if you want to share your own struggles in the comments below. Let’s show each other that we are in this together!



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