The weirdest DIY “photography studio”

Most normal bloggers have to deal with crappy lighting and mediocre phone cameras. So do I! So people definitely ask me “how do you get semi presentable photos?” Unfortunately if you don’t own photography lights the only other chance for a good shot is natural lighting. So a sunny day is your best ally. But unless you want to look like a crazy person shooting a flat lay in the middle of the street you have to do it inside the house. You will need:

  • A big sunny window
  • A cute (preferably white ) blanket 
  • A big surface 

Set your blanket as your background on the area that the window is overlooking and use your phone to take the photos. Some editing and the photos are ready to be posted.  If it works it’s not stupid!

    How do you take photos for your blog? Share your advice in the comments below!


    14 thoughts on “The weirdest DIY “photography studio””

    1. I used to do photography! So I use my canon t5! And I love it! The golden hour is also the perfect time for lighting which is right before the sun sets! Also when it’s overcast believe it or not! But when I use my phone the apps to edit make a huge difference. Afterlight is a good one for editing!

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    2. That’s awesome! My fiancé is a photographer and once he made a mini light box out of the foam board you can buy at the dollar store; it’s mine now as he’s upgraded! Funny what you can do with a little creativity!

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    3. Off/on photographer but I’ve also found LED lamps with adjustable temperature controls to be really handy multitaskers. I use a nightstand light by Anker which has 4 different color temperatures.


    4. I’m definitely not a photographer, but recently I purchased a white “countertop” paper from Home Depot and it has worked to make a clean backdrop!

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