How to Transition Your Beauty Routine into the Fall Season 

Hello, beautiful readers!

I adapt my beauty routine at the beginning of each season. Fall means cooler weather, drier skin and a loss of moisture. I change the type of products I use and my routine to combat these effects.

Products to Switch

1. Your Foundation

Your skintone often adapts to the weather. It may transition to a lighter shade once a summer tan fades. I often switch to a foundation with full coverage to conceal the effects of fall weather. If you still wish to use a lighter coverage foundation, try mixing a tinted moisturizer into your favourite shade for richer colour. 

2. Your Overall Colour Palette

A good rule of thumb for any season: Focus colour in one area. I favour a darker colour palette in the fall. I incorporate the palette into my makeup routine by punching up my lipstick with deep burgundy, red and dark pink colours. 

Areas to Increase Hydration

Cooler temperatures are drying for hair, skin, and lips. These areas may require a little extra hydration in the fall. 

1. Your Lips

The lips are one of the first areas of the body to show dehydration. Exfoliate the lips 1-2 times per week to maintain their natural moisture. Exfoliation allows lip balm to penetrate deeper into the lip surface.

2. Your Hair

If you’re like me, the use of your heated styling tools increases in the fall. Applying heat to hair strips it of natural oils. To keep strands hydrated, add shampoos and conditioners that boost hydration into your daily routine. 

Do you have any beauty tips you use for the fall season? 

25 thoughts on “How to Transition Your Beauty Routine into the Fall Season 

  1. great way to switch things up! Do you make your own scrub to exfoliate?


    1. I’ve made sugar scrubs before, but at present I use ones from Bite Beauty!

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      1. I’m looking it up, that’s a Sephora brand is it? Too bad there’s no Sephora in my country, I only hear good things about the stores ^^


      2. It’s available at Sephora, yes!


  2. This post has made me so excited for autumn!


  3. Informative post. Thank you. 3 times a week a hydrating overnight mask to quench the skin.


  4. I love it when Fall/Autumn makes its way around again! Can’t wait to start wearing Fall colours (both in clothing and makeup lol). xx


  5. my skin rarely changes colour throughout the year. It is forever pale so I just wear the same foundation but I love to mix up the look with a darker lip and copper rich eyes.

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  6. Love these tips! I am so excited for the fall season…but my already dry skin definitely takes a hit so I will be sure to implement these tips.


  7. Definitely great tips. Moisturiser is different for me here in Australia in summer as well foundation as I have a tan. Thank you for the other makeup tips I’ll revisit them. 😙☺️💠


  8. Rae McGill

    I’m so excited for fall! Wow, I just realized I do use ehat tools more often in the colder montsh!


  9. ashleybethbeauty

    great post!


  10. Love this post 🙂 makes me excited for autumn, even if it does mean permanently dry lips despite above suggestions 😉


  11. Adapting to the change of seasons are so important. Great tips here Erin. Lorelle 🙂


  12. This has made me so excited for autumn🍁good tips x


  13. I can’t wait for fall colors!! I love these tips – my lips get so dry in the fall, so I’ll definitely try these out!


  14. The Mystical Being

    Hey! I nominated you for the Awesome Blogger Award! Check out my post for more information! Xx


  15. Excellent ideas. And so true. I always tell my customers to change their makeup for the seasons especially since we have 4 of them.


  16. So Interesting tips!
    After the sea vacation use tons of almond oil on the body


  17. Just what I need. Awesome blog awesome post


  18. Loved this post great ideas !!


  19. Fave time of year😍🍂 great post x


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