#LiftYourCommunityWithNaya challenge! 5 GREEK Instagramers I love.

Hello guys. As my last post of 2017 I wanted to do something that was fun but would also lift up my community. Thus, I decided to do a roundup of the 5 Instagramers I love from my beautiful country Greece. I think that this is a nice idea not only because people from my own community can gain more well deserved exposure but also you guys get to find out great Greek Instagramers that you probably would not come across otherwise.

I hope that you will enjoy it and do the same for your local Instagramers. So here they are!

Daphnia Neofytou

Not only Instagram goals but also really helpful. She provides great (and realistic)  styling tips. Another unique feature of her account is ”Instagram Telemarketing” where she uses her stories to share the beautiful packages she receives.

I Forgot My Crown

In addition to her never ending supply of beauty products in her profile you can find everyday moments that usually include her cute dog  Vida. (I guess she is the real celebrity in the family )

Morfoula Zyga

Her Instagram gives me all the vintage vibes. The earthly tones, the vintage filters and an eye for classic beauty make her account incredibly unique.

Pinelopi Apostolelis

A brand ambassador that shares with us everyday new products worth trying. Scrolling through her feed you will find that she loves  minimalistic and bright photos that showcase beautifully the new products she gets to try.

Vasiliki Karanzogianni

Last but by no means least is Vasiliki. She produces quality content while taking us along in her life as a Beauty Editor. Traveling, having fun and of course beauty is just some of the stuff you will find at her profile.

All in all, they are all amazing Instagramers who definitely deserve a follow.

Will you be doing this challenge with me? If so tag me on Instagram along with the hashtag #LiftYourCommunitywithNaya

Hope you have a happy New Year ✨



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