What I love about winter 

It’s that time of year AGAIN!!! I love those cold months. There are these particular moments when the weather is really dull, it’s raining outside and you’re snuggled in your oversized sweater drinking hot chocolate and watching old classic movies that make you feel sooo nostalgic. Or when you sit for literally days doing nothing but getting lost in the pages of your favorite book. And then comes the holidays. No matter where you live or what you celebrate we all get the chance to be with friends and family and just feel blessed and loved. I love all those things. So we should cherish and feel grateful about those moments and enjoy them as much as we can because these will be the happy memories of our future!!!!


34 thoughts on “What I love about winter ”

  1. I love this, Winter is literally my favourite time of year for these reasons! Those times when you sit snuggled in a blanket with the Xmas Movies on is the most amazing time of year!!

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  2. I’d love winter if it was 25 degrees but it’s not xD the only thing I like is ice skating 🙂 I sometimes take my skates to work and then after work I go ice skating a bit to “cool off” lol


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