5 Disadvantages of Owning a Dog

Since you guys enjoyed my post about 5 Advantages of Owning a Dog I thought I would do the opposite. This is my personal experience. I love my little furry ball and I am not trying to discourage people from getting a doggie. But, since not everything is perfect I thought I would share in a fun way 5 disadvantages of having a dog.


I’ve heard a lot of people saying that having a dog can be pretty cheap. ” They just need a corner to sleep and some food”. While this is partially true and having a pet doesn’t have to be overly expensive dogs are living organisms. They need drugs, doctors and checkups. Anything else your dog needs you can find cheap alternatives but when it comes to health things are tricky. You might never need a vet but you also might have to spend a lot more than you anticipated. My advice is to put some money aside each month for your dog’s medical expenses if they need them in the future.


As we all know dogs need company, walks and generally time. A busy lifestyle in addition to caring for a dog can be pretty tiring.


Dogs generally are pretty attached to their owners. Although, each dog is different usually your dog will get pretty attached to you. This means that your alone time will be a lot less from now on.


Have you ever thought what it would be like if you were drowning in hair? Get ready to find out! Dogs shed. A lot. Chances are you will be buying a new vacuum soon enough.


From the moment I got my baby my worst fear is the day I’ll lose her. If nothing happens to me I know that I will probably be okay to see my dog go. When you spend so much time with a being you are going to be deeply hurt when they’re gone.

All in all, dogs are great but getting one is not an easy decision and there are no take backs. So if you decide to get a dog it will be for life.

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20 thoughts on “5 Disadvantages of Owning a Dog”

  1. I loved reading and relating to this post so much but I guess in the end, the advantages will always outweigh the disadvantages. 😜 I’ve got three of my own and loss is definitely the worst! 😂😂


  2. My hubby and I have always had dogs. We both love them dearly, play with them pet them rush them feed them water them but by far, I am the one who worries about them and walks. It’s always the mom.


  3. After being scared stiff of dogs, I have turned into such a dogaholic that i have dedicated my blog to Canaille, my English Springer Spaniel, and Ulysse, my Coton de Tuléar. I totally agree with all the points above, especially about loss. Ulysse was my mother-in-law’s dog,and fortunately when she died, we could take him ( Canaille was an only dog and found it hard to welcome his new buddy…). But when those two go across the Rainbow bridge, we won’t have others, because we will get a bit too old. Yet, I think we will dogsit for free.


  4. Loss is tough. We had a wonderful, crazy Lab that was our family dog for 13 years. She was my kids buddy growing up and when we lost her I swore I would never get another dog, now we have another! We went a little over 4 years with a pretty simple easy life. Cleaning was easier, going away for the night or weekend was no problem etc, but our life was a little less full. Yes I have a really needy dog, attached to me, but she gets me out and when I need someone to talk to she is there waiting.


  5. I ❤️ Tinky with all my heart but there is definite disadvantages to being a pet owner I feel total guilt leaving her when I go to work, having someone who can look after her if I go away. Most of the time I’m lucky as parents are retired but for 3 months they go out the country and it’s tough and I have to turn things down. Great Post


  6. Every person thinking of getting a dog should read this post. Granted, the advantages of having a dog are plenty–but nobody every focuses on the disadvantages–or challenges. And dogs are not cheap. When dogs become very ill, you go through quite a bit of money to save them. Having been with dogs for many, many years, I can agree with everything you’ve said. Thank you!


  7. Great post! It is so important to understand the responsibility of pet ownership. Many of these are true for other animals as well. Definitely worth it, though!


  8. Love this post! People have asked me if it’s difficult owning a dog and I always remind others that; I don’t own my dog he’s family and therapy, he’s less expensive than my human child, he’s less worrisome than most people, our walks are moments of mediation, so… the downside…. gas!!! My dog has horrible gas sometimes and I have to exit any room he’s in! 😂


  9. I feel like we would get along, I am a crazy dog lady, and I have sent myself into full on panic attacks thinking about how I will lose them one day. I wouldn’t trade them for all the disadvantages inthe world though.


  10. You have pointed out really important facts about adopting a dog, that many people don’t consider – especially the financial burden. For me, though, it’s the loss. I put off adopting another dog for a few years after my dog died (we’d had her 17 years!), and recently adopted a puppy (my 95th foster dog!). I can easily make myself cry, just by thinking about the fact that one day Frankie will die. He’s only 8 months – so I know I’m ridiculous- but I’m already terrified of that day and really hope it doesn’t come for 17 years or longer! Enjoyed the post and the pictures – thanks! What a cutie you’ve got.


  11. I definitely agree with the hair part! Dog hair has became an accessory win everything! The loss of a pet is one the worst things ever 😦 I wish they could live forever


  12. I’ll give you one right here…being sat minding your own business on the laptop checking out WP when your two year old decides to get up beside you and start playfighting….ever tried writing a blog post one handed whilst fending off your hound with the other? It’ll me my next posting for sure..

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    1. Haha! It’s like they smell when you are focusing on something and decide that’s the best time to annoy you 😂 And don’t let me get started when I am trying to eat…


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