Delilah Cosmetics-Review

Are you on the lookout for new beauty brands? If so Delilah Cosmetics is a great place to start! I have so many great things to say about this brand.

First of all, every product is dermatologically tested and paraben free. I wanted to mention this first because when looking at new brands safety is always my first concern. In addition to that I noticed that they also have vegan products. I do not know if all of their products are but for some products it is clearly stated. ( Just check the description and ingredients before buying) Another point goes to Delilah for packaging. I love the silver monochromatic look with touches of color. I think the packaging is pretty unique in relation to what is out right now. Generally, Delilah carries very well thought, solid products that cater to everyone.

Time Frame Future Resist Foundation

I really enjoyed this foundation for two reasons. Firstly, even though it has good coverage (medium) it is so lightweight and glides on the skin smoothly. It also contains Vitamin E and SPF 20 that will protect your skin from environmental damages. It is buildable and long wearing.

Ps. Don’t be fooled by the tube it comes with a pump! (Sneaky)

Farewell Cream Concealer

Due to its peachy undertones this concealer cancels out dark circles while providing coverage. It’s unbelievably creamy for a stick and goes on like a dream. (Keep in mind this comes from a liquid concealer kind of gal)

Brow Line Retractable Eye Brow Pencil with Brush

I am in love! I am so bad at doing my brows. This brow pencil is firm which really helps me not to go overboard. It comes with a brow brush that is equally great.

Colour Intense Cream Lipstick

The lipsticks I have (Floozy, Flirt) are amazingly creamy. They glide on the lips and are really moisturizing. In addition to that the color selection is great. Don’t expect the same long wear as matte lipsticks but for their creamy formula they are really long wearing.

All in all, I am loving Delilah products. They are really well made and thought through. ( No one is paying me to say good stuff unfortunately 😂 ) I genuinely love this brand and I believe more brands should strive to become like that.

What do you guys think about Delilah cosmetics? Have you tried any of their products? Let me know in the comments below!

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